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Remplacement du speed system sur les Ozones "Chrono"

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default Remplacement du speed system sur les Ozones "Chrono"

Message  tatahi le Mar 23 Déc 2014 - 22:53

La marque avertit ses clients que le kite était originellement étudié pour le light wind, ceux qui l'utilisent en Race avec des vents plus forts , en exécutant des manoeuvres en puissance ou ceux qui l'utilisent plus simplement en freeride dans les vents forts doivent changer le speed system, voici une vidéo qui explique le pourquoi du comment remplacer ce systeme .

Le message original :

At Ozone, we designed the Chrono as a LIGHTWIND PERFORMANCE kite, suited to getting the most performance in low wind riding with twin tips, race boards and foil boards.

Since the introduction of the Chrono we have seen and heard of many riders using the kite in high winds that we had not originally intended the kite to be used in. In high winds and high power turns, especially in racing, the Speed System (pulley lines) are getting much more wear and tear than they were designed for. This means that, due to the much bigger forces experienced, the lines that run through the pulleys are wearing out faster than they would if the kites were only used in light winds. We have now changed these lines to a thicker line in production and are asking all Chrono owners to check their lines for wear and tear.

If you have a Chrono and are using the kite in high winds then you need to replace the Speed System. If the lines of your Speed System break then the resulting forces on the kite will cause damage to the material and the repairs will be costly. The Speed System is a wear point and, like tyres on a car, needs to be checked regularly for wear and tear as stated in the manual of your kite.

These Speed System pulley line upgrades are available from your dealer and are easy to replace, please follow the instructions in the video below.

Team Ozone

La vidéo est sur le site (non exportable ) :


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